DATA MILK OIML Weight Indicator

DataMilk OIML is a certified OIML indicator, designed to monitor milk production in dairies. The alphanumeric display can simultaneously display the value in kilograms and liters. The program offers the ability to store 100 weighings with reference to the date of production, and set a weight threshold to activate the chiller.

  • Milk Tanks
  • Liquid Tanks
Program Type Simple Weight Indicator
Display Type Alphanumeric Display Backlighted
AC/DC Input 12VDC
Input/Output RS232
Cells Channels 1
IP Protection IP66
  • Remote Display DRG/DRS
  • Printer
Available Languages
  • English
  • Italian
  • French
  • Español
  • Turkce
  • Other languages on request
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