Automatic Feed Managing Weight Controllers

Weight controllers for dosing products by means of augers, valves or shutters for small feed mills.

Systems that can also be used for bakeries.
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A complete range of products for weighing the contents of silos, browse our product catalog to find the ideal one for your project
Silo Load Cells

Wide range of load cells for all types of silos from a few tons up to 120 tons

Silo Weight Indicators

Weight indicators for all types of silos from simple visualization to the most sophisticated automations

Silo Supports

Silo supports suitable for all fixing plates and with seismic certification

Silo Accessories

Silos accessories to carry out installations in complete autonomy


Feed Data Management

Dedicated multi-platform software for complete silo weight management, event and alarm management

Weight Monitoring

Weight monitoring system up to 12 silos via Rs485 Modbus or Ethernet connection.


The S3000/L MB weight indicators communicate the weight to the Tablet Supervisor or Local Pc via Modbus.

Alarms & Events

The program allows the setting of alarm levels and quantities to be automatically downloaded.


The setting of the work parameters and the start of the screws can therefore be done on site on the S3000/L on the company PC and also on the smartphone.


All loads and discharges are automatically stored and can be viewed on the appropriate history page.

Temperature & Humidity

The system can also be integrated with temperature/humidity probes connected via Rs485 Modbus.


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