Mixer Wagons
Weighing Systems

Wide range of weight indicators and load cells for all types of Mixer Wagons.

From the simple weight indicator to those with recipes to get to the most sophisticated with herd management programs.
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A complete range of products for weighing and manage the contents of mixer feeders wagons, browse our product catalog to find the ideal one for your project
Mixer Wagons Load Cells

Wide range of load cells for all types of unifeed, towed and self-propelled wagons

Mixer Wagons Weight Indicators

Wide range of weight indicators for unifeed wagons to satisfy small, medium and large farms

Mixer Wagons Accessories

Wide range of accessories for weight indicators for unifeed wagons, to facilitate the work of farm operators


Data Farm/Data Web

DATA-WEB is a programmable weight indicator directly connected to internet that allows management breeding from anywhere you want.

Manage Feeding

Modify the feeding rations of your farm on your PC and send them to the indicator in your farm via the internet.

PC Interfaces

Check the real execution of the rations by downloading the data from the indicator directly to your PC.

Alarms & Events

The alert system that promptly communicates any component loading error, blocks the execution of the recipe and highlights the severity of the error on the program. The breakage of a load cell, for example, or in any case an anomaly of the weighing system, is highlighted promptly both on the weight indicator STX 7.7 infinity / RX700 Infinity, and on the DataFarm program.

Countless Advantage

As well as checking the stocks produced by your farm in real time, you will be able to check and correct the quantities of feed to prepare for your animals in short time.

Remote Analysis

The breeder’s nutritionist will be able to verify the quality of the processing comfortably from the office without going to the farm.

Efficiency and Traceability

You can order the raw materials simply by checking the stocks in your warehouse. Traceability will always be updated in real time.

The costs of the rations always visible and updated. In the event of a power failure, it will always be possible to work in traditional mode with the aid of a USB stick

Data Web Cloud

DATA-WEB CLOUD is an online software with a programmable weight indicator that is connected to our server via Internet.

Manage Anywhere

With an Internet connection, you will be able to manage the farm, anywhere, from your PC, Tablet, or smartphone.

Regulate Feed Rations

You will be able to edit online the feed rations, and then to send them to the indicator on your mixer feeder. You will be able to check in real time the execution of the rations, on the online platform. In addition to the products stock real-time control, you will be able to quickly check and modify the quantities of feed needed for your animals.

Alarms & Events

The alert system will promptly communicate any loading error that occurs during the execution of a recipe. Any other system error, such as a broken load cell for example, is reported both on the indicator and on the online software.

Remote Analysis

The nutritionist will be able to remotely verify the job quality without going on site.

Efficiency and Traceability

You will be able to check the stock of products (with updated traceability) in real time, too. The displayed rations costs are always updated.

In the event of a network failure, it will be always possible to work in traditional mode. The system will be updated with the missing data when the network connection is restored.



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