Animal Welfare with Cow Brush System

Stimulate the blood circulation

Get rid of parasites and clean skin

Quiet and relaxed animals
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Cow Brush Features

Dedicated multi-platform software for complete silo weight management, event and alarm management

Mounted on a robust tubular bracket for safe and easy use

The tilt sensor is integral in the electronic control card

Activation of the brush is not affected by wind or vibration

When tilted over 5 degrees the brush automatically

Starts rotating and stops when returns to the vertical position

If a cow tail becomes entwined in the brush it automatically rotates in the reverse direction for safety

The machine uses a cast reducer gearbox for long life

Type density and hardness of the brush has been selected to ensure maximum cow comfort

No more broken wire, due to the innovative electric collector system, allowing for 360 degree wire rotation

Semi rigid system allows the animal to choose between head or body massage


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