Milk Tank
Weighing Systems

Dedicated systems for weight control in milk coolers.

Display of kg and litres, control of thresholds for activating refrigeration and and archive of milked quantities.

OIML on request.
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Silo Load Cells

Wide range of load cells for all types of milk-tank from a few tons up to 40 tons

Silo Weight Indicators

Weight indicator specially designed for mil-tank, with simultaneous display of the kg and liters

Silo Supports

Wide range of supports suitable for all fixing legs to facilitate installation

Silo Accessories

The accessories necessary to optimize milk production data, such as a printer or remote display


Milk Tank Data Management

System for acquiring the weight of up to 10 DataMilks via Ethernet connection.

Weight Monitoring

DataMilk weight indicators communicate the weight to the PC via the corporate network.

Web App

The program can be viewed on a PC or Smartphone using the Mocha VCN application.

Alarms & Events

The program allows the setting of the threshold levels and 5 times in which to memorize the weight present in the fridge.


Tare and the Calibration can be performed both from the company PC and application on smartphones.


All loads are stored automatically at the set times and can be viewed in the program history.


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