Automatic Birds Weighing System

Automatic weighing for birds, broilers, breeders, turkeys, ducks.

Complete systems, simple to install and with excellent value for money.
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A complete range of products for weighing all kind of birds, browse our product catalog to find the ideal one for your project

Wide range of ready-to-use weight detection systems for all types of poultry, duck and turkey farms


Scales Data Management

PM30 Logger is a system suitable for getting the average weight of chickens, ducks and turkey farming.

Weight Monitoring

Weight monitoring system up to 2 platforms via Rs485 Modbus


The PM30 weight indicators communicate the data to the Local Pc via Modbus

Alarms & Events

The program data allows the farmer to optimize feed rationing based on the growth of the animals


Average daily weight / Maximum recorded weight / Minimun recorded weight / Number of weighed animals / Trend (weight gain in grams) / Last Homogeneity % / Actual Homogeneity %


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