4 Side Camera System

A four-camera system installed on a waste collection truck offers a number of significant advantages:

Full View: With a camera on each side of the truck, the driver can have a full view of his surroundings. This eliminates blind spots, increasing safety when driving and harvesting.

Accident prevention: Cameras help identify obstacles, vehicles, pedestrians or any risks in real time, reducing the risk of accidents. This is especially useful in crowded or narrow areas, such as urban streets or alleys.

Optimization of collection operations: Cameras can be used to monitor and record the waste collection process, allowing you to identify any inefficiencies or problems that can be resolved to optimize the service.

Worker safety: Cameras allow the driver to monitor the safety of workers working around the truck during harvesting, reducing the risk of injury.

Video Documentation: Video recording can serve as documentation in the event of an accident or dispute, providing visual evidence that can be used to resolve disputes or for insurance purposes.

Deterrent against vandalism and theft: The presence of cameras can discourage acts of vandalism or attempts to steal the truck or its contents.

In summary, a camera system on all sides of a waste collection truck significantly improves safety, operational efficiency and offers valuable support for documentation and accident prevention.

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