360 Camera for Waste Vehicles

360 Camera System

Installing a 360-degree camera system on a waste collection truck offers numerous benefits:

Complete Visibility: This system provides a panoramic view around the vehicle, eliminating blind spots. This is particularly useful in crowded urban environments, where pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles may be present near the truck.

Increased Safety: By improving visibility, the system significantly reduces the risk of accidents. The driver can see obstacles and people from different angles, preventing potential collisions during manoeuvres.

Efficient Monitoring: Cameras record continuously, providing a visual account of daily operations. This can be useful to verify compliance with pre-established routes and efficiency in waste collection.

Theft and Vandalism Prevention: Cameras act as a deterrent to theft and vandalism when the truck is parked or idle. Additionally, the recordings can be used as evidence in the event of accidents or legal challenges.

Training and Evaluation: Recordings can be used to train new drivers, showing real situations and how to handle them. They also serve to evaluate staff performance and improve operational procedures.

In summary, a camera system on all sides of a waste collection truck significantly improves safety, operational efficiency and offers valuable support for documentation and accident prevention.

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